• Gabrielle Madison

Fighting For Self-Worth

You don’t deserve the pain… You try, time after time to convince yourself that you were the problem and that the world and everyone in it would be better off without you. I am not here to sugarcoat or wallow with you. My goal isn’t to become your crutches on which you rely on. No, I want to give you the strength and confidence to rely on yourself. My goal is to give you self-worth; to snap you out of this endless cycle and become whole again.

You are in a season of self-doubt, self-loathing, self-pity, the list goes on. You might even hate who you are or what you do. Maybe it's where you are that makes you crumble every night. Do you feel on the brink of insanity, pained by your past or the worries of the future? Are you lost, numb to everything but your sinking heart? Where are you, I ask. You are in a cloud of dense fog and all you see is the small puddle beneath your feet, reflecting what you believe to be the problem, you. I can not make you escape this, that decision is up to you. Choose wisely; choose joy. It won’t be easy to retrain your mind into dwelling on the positive, after all our brain uses our negative thoughts as a defense against our perpetrators. But true destruction is when our brain believes us to be the enemy.

If you are tired of living a life full of resentment towards yourself or self-hatred, twist every poisoning thought into a positive outlet. Exercise your mind like you would any other muscle. Yes, our heart keeps us moving, pumping our body like a powerful machine, but it is our brain that determines whether we live miserable or happy. Your mind is a weapon that can easily self-destruct if you let it, so don’t. Fight for your happiness, your life, and your passions. Do what you love and enjoy every second of it. We are only given one life and it’s too short to waste in confined spaces crying ourselves to sleep. The endless cycle of mental aggression can only stop if you make it. So will you?


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