• Gabrielle Madison

Striking Sand

Updated: Jun 4

We are human beings, that much is clear. Every passing day we grow unique, our actions and choices molding us into the individuals we were called to be. We are like the specs of sand that lays on the shore only to be caressed by the salty waves. We spend our days under the sun and among our brothers and sisters. Yes, we are all one but if you look closer, like sand, you will notice every precious piece is different. The pressure of the rolling tide determines what the sand will change into, just like how our life can change us.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a difficult circumstance where pain and sorrow seem to endlessly crash over us and most days we can find our footing and rise above the chaos with confidence. What if something more powerful than the waves of life comes trampling over us? What if we are suddenly pushed down lower than ever before, stuck in a crevice of doubt? What happens when we are stuck? Like a character in a story, we face small everyday struggles until we dive into the climax of the story. Our climax is like lightning that strikes sand. The sudden sting is painful and we struggle against it. What happens when lightning strikes sand? Is it suddenly disintegrated? Does it vaporize under the intense heat? Or does something miraculous happen? The smoldering heat of the lightning is overwhelming, just like life can be sometimes. In those desperate times, we can often feel death's sting or even wish for it, hoping it would be better than the pain we are experiencing. But take heart and be patient.

Our life struggles help to mold us into strong powerful individuals. We have become more beautiful than ever before. I bet you are still wondering what happens when sand is struck by lightning, well, the scorching heat and pressure of it all transform the piece of sand into a remarkable structure made of glass. Our life struggles make us unique and when we fight through the devastating battle, enduring the pain, we are renewed into a substance that reflects beauty.


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