Web Design

People are browsing the web and they are looking for you.  When they take one look at your website will they find what they are looking for?  Will they be prompted to learn more or to visit?  

Many non-profits:  Churches, Evangelists, Food Pantry's, and the  list goes on, have outstanding thriving ministries but they lack the ability to create a website that is inviting or reflects what they have to offer.

We here at Miracle Moment Studio are passionate about seeing ministries succeed.  That is why we provide web design services exclusively for non-profits at a fraction of the cost of leading designers today.   We are here to help and to partner with you for the advancement of the kingdom.  Contact us today and let the world see what God is doing through your non-profit.

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel Mark 16:15


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